A holiday in Vietnam is usually identified with a cultural journey to discover customs, flavors and colors so different from ours. If you want to add a nice dose of relaxation to this search for new emotions in a location with a tropical sea, know that the country also offers beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters.

Halong Bay

Obviously the splendid Halong Bay is famous for its glorious emerald waters and for the dream landscapes offered by the large limestone rocks that have made it iconic among tourists from all over the world. Halong Bay can be reached all year round on a cruise, to visit the splendid bay but, during the sunny and warm season, you can also enjoy its beautiful beaches that offer truly dreamlike views. Here you can go kayaking, swimming among colorful fish and diving in beautiful underwater spots, with the most beautiful setting there is!

Cua Dai near Hoi An

Cua Dai is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and comfortable seaside locations to reach from the city of Hoi An. It is only a handful of kilometers from the renowned tourist destination and its beaches are absolutely organized to accommodate even the most demanding tourist. Once you arrive here you will be pampered and spoiled and you can choose to entertain yourself with many activities: bar hopping with tropical cocktails, massages, water sports or enjoy some well-deserved rest in the sun after visiting Hoi An.

vietnam bay

Lang Co near Hue

Think of a very long bay, kilometers of coastline with fine white sand beaches and a crystal clear sea. Lang Co is certainly one of the best beach destinations around Hue and boasts high-end resorts, but don’t expect to find chaos or overcrowding! In fact, the beach in Lang Co is huge, so much so as to guarantee everyone plenty of space and tranquility. Behind it is a placid fishing village that is very interesting to explore which also boasts a characteristic market.

Phu Quoc Island

In the south of Vietnam, very close to the Cambodian border is the pearl of the Vietnamese beach holiday, the beautiful island of Phu Quoc. It is a natural and heavenly place. Its beaches are postcard-perfect, the presence of green mountains gives even more to the coastal landscape while the view of the water is dotted with smaller islets, all to be discovered. This is undoubtedly a jewel in the range of tourist proposals of the country and cannot fail to please those who are passionate about nature and the sea but who are looking for excellent accommodation services and quality hospitality.

Nha Trang

Also in the south of the country is the now renowned Nha Trang, famous for its long urban beach where you can relax and enjoy lots of maritime entertainment. But the beauty of the area does not stop there, because in the surroundings of its coast there are several small islands that can be reached by boat or with funicular services that have beaches that are nothing short of heavenly. Without a doubt, those who want to have fun and do daytime activities as well as nightlife should choose this travel destination to have a beautiful sea and never get bored!

Cham Islands near Hoi An

Are you looking for a virgin natural paradise? The Cu Lao Cham Reserve is a wonderful protected natural area that rises around the Cham Islands, an archipelago of 8 islands easily accessible by boat from the city of Hoi An. The park is a wild paradise of virgin forests interrupted only by perfect beaches. Here you will find so much tranquility and crystal clear waters. And if you are a diving lover, know that this is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the beauty of the underwater landscapes of Vietnam. In fact, the islands are known for the abundance of marine species, also visible from the beach such as the particular blue starfish that populate many areas of the Cham. Any more good news? August is a perfect season for a vacation here!