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Street Food in Vietnam – Unusual And Unique Food in Vietnam

When traveling to another country one cannot help but marvel at the food in Vietnam. This cuisine is truly unique because it combines all different aspects of the Eastern culture, using such items as fish, rice, noodles and vegetables to form its food foundation. Vietnamese cuisine covers the basic foods and drinks of Vietnam and …


Vietnam’s Beaches

A holiday in Vietnam is usually identified with a cultural journey to discover customs, flavors and colors so different from ours. If you want to add a nice dose of relaxation to this search for new emotions in a location with a tropical sea, know that the country also offers beautiful beaches with crystal clear …

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Curiosities About Vietnam

Vietnam, a land of great traditions and millenary culture, but also a place of quirks and questionable habits. These are some of the strangest curiosities related to Vietnam, its beauties, its cities and its inhabitants. 1. The Turtle In the Hoan Kien lake of Hanoi, the homonymous turtle, part of the species Rafetus leloii, lived …