When traveling to another country one cannot help but marvel at the food in Vietnam. This cuisine is truly unique because it combines all different aspects of the Eastern culture, using such items as fish, rice, noodles and vegetables to form its food foundation. Vietnamese cuisine covers the basic foods and drinks of Vietnam and adds a unique blend of five basic tastes in general food. Every Vietnamese dish has an individual taste that represents one or more of those components.

Types Of Vietnamese Street Food

One of the main staples of Vietnamese meals is Pho. Pho can be prepared in many ways depending on how it is prepared and where it is prepared. Most Vietnamese people will prepare pho either with rice noodles or Ho Tub noodles. In addition to both these types of noodles, other Vietnamese dishes include rice milk, stir-fried vegetables and meat. Vietnamese people are known for their love of fresh seafood, especially fish and shrimp, and they enjoy using all seafood in their pho.

Another dish that is a must try when dining out in Vietnam is bun cha. Bun cha is a bowl of thin rice noodles, sesame seeds, fish sauce and chopped vegetables like onions and tomatoes, that is served along with steamed white rice. When enjoying this delicacy, it is important to be careful not to overheat the mixture because it can become burnt if heated too much.

More Unique Street Food

The next street food that is popular in Vietnam is called banh cuon which literally means rice cake. This dish is made from thin pieces of rice that are fried and then wrapped in banana leaves to make it look like a cake. It is typically served with spring rolls and may be accompanied by steamed white rice or vegetables. Another interesting form of banh cuon is to prepare it with peanut sauce. When preparing this dish it is best to make it the night before so that it will be ready the morning of your trip to Vietnam.

Nguong Phu is another popular street food in Vietnam. Like bun cha, gong pho can either be prepared with rice or with seafood. Nguong pho is served with a crispy beef stir-fry and then complemented with a sauce made from lime juice, onions and chicken. If you are visiting the town of Ngoc Son, which is located in the Ho Chi Minh City area, there is a wonderful restaurant called Nguy Trang that serving this wonderful meal. Nguy Trang specializes in serving both local and Vietnamese cuisines and the dishes they offer are authentic and delicious.


If you are in the Ho Chi Minh city area and are interested in finding a great restaurant to enjoy some amazing food with your family, you should stop into Nguy Trang. Here you will find a Vietnamese restaurant that offer the traditional banh, as well as a different twist on it. This restaurant offers a variety of banh dishes that are made with vegetables and meat, along with the famous banh cuisines of Vietnam. The banh dishes here are very unique and will leave you and your family wanting for more. This street food blog ends with a recommendation: enjoy the food of Vietnam!